Change Management Trainer

Antonio Costantini

Antonio Costantini is a specialist in the HR sector, dedicated professionally to enhancing human resource management within corporate groups with the aim of creating more engaged, cohesive, and consequently, more productive organizations. His professional experiences in this challenging mission have also seen him hold roles such as General Manager of companies with multi-million Euro turnovers. Additionally, he served as an HR Manager for a Luxury sector S.p.A. with a turnover of hundreds of millions of Euros, overseeing a workforce of over 150 individuals. In these companies, he collaborated with CEOs and managers to achieve the proper development and profitable management of human resources within the groups. This involved restructuring, placing individuals based on their skills and capabilities into suitable roles, and creating effective training programs. Furthermore, he excelled in selecting the best resources to insert into specific circumstances. Antonio's role and objectives have always been centered on creating the best organization for effective corporate management and developing a well-supported environment with a comprehensive deployment of resources to achieve the set goals. The underlying concept is to ensure the well-being of individuals in their operational roles. His specializations share a common thread, revolving around corporate restructuring, leadership, conflict management, and the reorganization of various areas, including sales, establishing effective communication, and restructuring HR within groups, often incorporating innovative methods, including "Gamification." Antonio's extensive professional background, spanning over 35 years of experience, including roughly two decades as an operative in the clothing sector, has seen him collaborate with companies like Max Mara, the Aeffe Group, GFT, Benetton, and lead a department at Stefanel Spa for over six years. His professional career then transitioned to the world of HR in the SME sector and with several large corporations in roles such as consultant, trainer, and even as an instructor, particularly as an FSE trainer and lecturer in companies, consortia, and groups in the Autonomous Province of Trentino